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Welcome to Knollcrest Christmas

Welcome to our traditional Christmas Lighting Display.  On this site, I explain what is involved to create our show and why we do it.  If you haven't seen it in action, see our sample video. Other videos are scattered around the internet, yet you should see a live show to fully appreciate the effects.
See Electrical Light Parade Video

See Shopping Mall Display that I created


Our display has 15,000 lights, a mile of wire, several electronic controllers and an FM radio transmitter that sends music to guests in cars. Many similar displays exist across America, and over 50 of them are by friends or commercial displays that we designed.  While some displays are huge, we aren't trying to compete in a popularity contest, nor try to be the biggest or best. It's to help children with life threatening disorders through the generosity of donations.  Of course anyone should come just to watch.  There is no obligation to donate, and we don't pester guests.  Most people come back several times during the season.


We use the term "Christmas" because that is what we have always called it.  We respect holiday celebration of other religions, yet if you are offended by this term, don't bother sending "politically correct" suggestions to use terms like "Winter Holiday!"  We wish the best and safest of Christmas to all.

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